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Director & Cinematogrpaher
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Ross geeks out on refining the element of natural lighting to achieve a captivating visual narrative. His projects draw on raw emotions, whether it is a fast paced campaign for athletes or a poignant piece infused with rich symbolism.


With his roots in photography and his background as a DOP, his eclectic directing style is a definition of ‘look before you leap.’ From using roller-skates to building his own rig for dynamic car-to-car shots, he matured into directing not afraid to experiment with his vision to create a story that is enticing to the spectator. His power to mould the atmosphere on the set to keep a natural flow is a reflection of his perceptive, calm and happy demeanour. As a result, he accomplishes a cinematic allure, drawing from his love for South Africa, wanderlust, nature and real human connection.

Ross is represented in Europe and South Africa by production company Eyeforce, both entities have an affinity for sports, adventure, sustainability and human stories

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